Success Stories


Well, where to start. Ritu had mentioned the Bach Flower Remedies , but I never gave it enough thought till we actually faced major anxiety issues with our dear ones. These trying Corona times were taking a toll on everyone, being confined to the house, feeling of worthlessness just added to the anxiety. A situation we had never faced before, but very sure that we didn’t want to take anti depressants , knowing the side effects. All confused, I took Ritu’s advice to try these flower remedies for our kids. I was certain that we wanted only herbal/ natural products. Ritu explained to me how these different flower extracts work wonders to relax and take care of issues relating to the mind. Sceptical about the outcome , I took them only as it promised no side effects. Today, I am so glad I did ! I can't thank Ritu enough , who took so much pains in selecting the right combination of flowers. These remedies have helped bring my child out of the situation. Keep up the good work Ritu. You came as an angel with these magical drops . Hope you can help many many more with these remedies. Wishing you all the luck, keep the good work going.

Bobby, New Delhi

I was introduced to Bach flower remedies by Ritu. Well in a city like Mumbai, everyone is on their toes all the time. The corporate life is like a race- with ourselves and everyone around us. In such stressful and challenging lifestyles, physical and mental well-being becomes a necessity. With the help of Bach flower remedies I have been able to move ahead in life with more focus, confidence, decisiveness and less of self doubt and fear. They have given me emotional strength. Thanks Ritu for all your support and wishing you the best.

Vikas, Mumbai

I am 72 years old. With HIS GRACE I have led a very healthy and comfortable life. Only thing is my habit of smoking and drinking. Nicotine makes it hard to quit smoking and causes withdrawal effects like fear and nervousness. After quitting , I used to get a feeling in my sleep as if I was suffocating. I must admit that I was passing through a minor emotional issue as well.

Bach Flower Therapy , introduced to me by Ritu Chellani, has helped me in this rehabilitation period. She was able to assess my problem and suggest the best mix of flower essences for me. I was afraid to retire for the night lest the same episode repeats. As I started taking the remedies, slowly but surely, within a week, the normal pattern of sleep was restored.These Flower Esssences have helped me break these bad habits! I am quiet fit now and intend continuing till I am able to taper off.

I am sure more people will benefit from this very unconventional method of treatment, not very popular in India but surely, Bach Flower Remedies will reach greater heights. My sincere thanks to her.

Satish Chabria, New Delhi

I used Bach Flower Therapy for my 12 year old son. He had lost focus and concentration not only in studies but in general activities as well. I was looking for something safe and natural, without any side-effects. Then I came to know about these Bach flower remedies through Ritu and I discussed my worries and issues with her. She guided me and gave me a treatment bottle with the required remedies for my son. I saw a remarkable change in his study pattern, focus and concentration. I must admit his results also improved that year. Thanks Ritu for your support.

Pooja Sharma, Mumbai, 12/06/20.

I started using Bach Flower Remedies during these challenging times of Corona pandemic. My son was facing a lot of pressure from his office . The stress, uncertainty and fear of losing his job was taking a toll on him. I consulted Ritu regarding these issues. She patiently listened to me and explained the very amazing results of these remedies. Undoubtedly, I trusted her and started using them. I was surprised and so happy to see a positive change in my son's behaviour and attitude ! I am grateful to Ritu for introducing me to these natural and safe flower remedies.

Kavita, Dubai, 4/07/21.

Bach Flower Remedies were introduced to me by my dear friend, Ritu Chellani. Family problems were disturbing the peace of my house and my children were suffering as a result. They were very disturbed and were unable to focus on their studies. Frustration, intolerance, anger, irritable nature and lack of focus on studies were some of the issues that these remedies helped them with. These remedies are truly magical and the best part they are safe, natural and non-addictive. Thank you Ritu and keep up the good work!

Reema Taneja, New Delhi, 15/8/21.

I am so thankful to Ritu m'aam to help me overcome my emotional downs through Bach flower remedies. It works well - you can just feel the changes in you !

Ankita , New Delhi, 21/10/22.

When I approached Ritu, I was in quite an emotional mess. There was a lot of stored emotions all coming up and it hit me quite unexpectedly. Ritu and her choice of flowers for my therapy, slowly but steadily brought me back into a state of balance. Ever grateful to Ritu. I can personally see the difference in myself. I would 100% recommend Ritu and the Bach Flower Therapy. You just have to be patient , consistent and believe.

Anusha Sivaraman, Bangalore ,19/01/23.


According to Here magazine, to help Diana cope with the 23-hour flight from Sydney to London, Sydney based herbalist Eilleen Whittaker, who had been treating her with Bach Flower Remedies for a year, recommended huge doses of vitamin C to treat jet-lag. She also sent two other remedies. One contained rock rose, to combat terror, Star of Bethlehem, for shock, and cherry plum, to help prevent loss of control. The other included camomile, which has a calming effect, and dandelion, used for cleansing the blood.

As Diana stepped from the plane she was reported to have said to her herbalist, “I feel great, fantastic.”

Princess Diana

Reportedly Jennifer Aniston uses Bach Flower Remedies to keep cool under pressure. She uses it before movies and premiers to relieve stress and anxiety.

Jennifer Aniston, Actor

As per ESPN, Nutritionist Giuliano Poser’s helped Messi upturn his form in 2015 by methods including the use of Bach flower remedies, emotional therapy and a balanced diet.

Lionel Messi, Footballer

Emma Watson says about Rescue Remedy, “A few drops of it under my tongue before I go out calms me down. It is in my makeup bag all the time.”

Emma Watson, Actor

“In the game of golf, concentration is key. A few drops of Rescue Remedy mixed in my water bottle does the trick,” Tschetter says in Golf Today Magazine. “It is incredible for soothing my nerves and helping me stay focused and calm while playing the course.”

Kris Tschetter, Golfer

According to DailyMail, Hugh Grant takes Rescue Remedy to help with stage fright.

Hugh Grant, Actor